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Municipal Slaughterhouse

One of the sectors of activity for Cortona Sviluppo S.r.l. is the management of Cortona’s Municipal Slaughterhouse which is located in the area of Ossaia along State Road 71 in the tract which joins Camucia to Terontola.

The municipal slaughterhouse offers users a complete butchering service for bovine, ovine, pork and equine species and oversees all phases of processing:

  • • Admission of animals
  • • Butchering
  • • Storage for slaughtered livestock in refridgerator rooms - at a temperature which is controlled daily - for whatever period of time deemed necessary according to the needs and methods of the client (refridgeration services)
  • • Oversight, together with the responsible authorities, of the traceability of livestock and their entrance and exit from the slaughterhouse

For ulterior information see the list in the section administrational transparency


Locality Ossaia di Cortona
GPS Coordinates: 43.23477108707442, 11.999240424647057
Phone: 0575678142
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