Centro Convegni Sant’Agostino

The Centro Convegni, managed by Cortona Sviluppo S.r.l. for the Comune of Cortona, has its offices in the former convent of Sant’Augustino, adjacent to the church bearing the same name. The construction of the complex dates to the mid-thirteenth century and is situated in Cortona’s historic center, inside the circuit of city walls originally built by the Etruscan civilization.

The complex is walking distance from all the major tourist sights in the city, the Palazzo Comunale, the two museums (the MAEC and the Museo Diocesano), Via Nazionale (the shopping street), the Signorelli Theater and the Parterre public gardens. The convent is laid out on a square plan surounding a cloister decorated with 29 frescoes raccounting the life of Saint Augustine. Since 2008 the center has had a wonderful new meeting hall: The Auditorium of the Church of Sant’Augustino which can accomodate up to 300 people and is situated in the Church of the same name which dates to the 13th century.

Masterfully remodeled and featuring the most modern technology is a multi-functional space which is suitable for exhibitions, conferences , cultural and technological events. The center has 10 conference rooms which can welcome small groups as well. All are equiped with a wide band internet connection, audio and video systems and exhibit space outside the rooms.

The entire convention center has a total capacity of over 600 places and continues to welcome some of the most noted Italian and foreign institutions, including the ‘Scuola Normale Superiore’ University of Pisa , the Region of Tuscany, The University of Florence, The ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome, the University of Naples, the University of Alberta Canada, The Feltrinelli Foundation, The Italian Genetics Association, The Tuscan Sun Festival and the Democratic Party (PD).

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dal 14.06.2019 al 15.06.2019

Scuola di Genetica in Cortona - Corso sulla evoluzione dei microrganismi - Quello che Darwin non ha visto

dal 26.05.2019 al 21.06.2019

School in Cortona, University of Alberta, Faculty of Arts - course spring 2

dal 30.10.2017 al 30.10.2019

I.T.S Farmer 4.0

July 18 - 22 2018

Cortona Mix Festival

Multidisciplinary arts encounter (art, books, music, dance, cinema, theater, culture) in cooperation with the Feltrinelli Group, Orchestra of Tuscany and the Comune of Cortona

25 August - 9 September 2018


Market-exhibition of antique furnishings, it is the oldest such gathering in Italy dedicated to the antiques market and organized for over 50 years by the city of Cortona.

2 - 3 September 2017

Hack Cortona

48 hour non-stop event dedicated to programming languages, robotics and internet in a competition drawing participants from all over the world.


Associazione genetica

The AGI (Genetics Association of Italy) has organized its most important events and conventions concerning genetics in Cortona for many years.

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Cortona is an Italian municipality in the Province of Arezzo and is the main cultural and tourism center in Arezzo’s Valdichiana.

The city of Cortona, standing at an elevation of about 500m above sea level on the slopes of a mountainous area between the Valdichiana and the Tiber Valley, has always been a center of considerable importance.

In fact, the city’s strategic position in the Valdichiana permitted it to control the various arteries of communication between the cities of Arezzo, Perugia, Siena and the Tiber Valley. This characteristic today places Cortona in a central, easy to reach position.

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Other services

Management of the municipal slaughterhouse and of cemetarial services

Cortona Sviluppo also manages – for the Comune of Cortona – cemeterial services and the municipal slaughterhouse. The latter holds a position of excellence in the Valdichiana and is specialized in the processing of meats from the Chianina cattle. Cortona Svillupo manages and provides services for over 40 cemeteries in the territory of the Comune including:

  • Management of votive illumination
  • Burial services
  • Management of cemetery niches/plots
  • Maintainance

Administrative transparency

Information with regards to Law decrees 33/2013 and guidelines provided by the National Anti-corruption Authority for administrative transparency and the prevention of corruption in the participating businesses.

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