Evento all'Auditorium di Cortona Sviluppo

Archivio Mostre

The cultural life of the Centro Sant’ Agostino welcomes local, national and International artists in the exhibition space of the cloister and in the Auditorium. The latter was, in fact, inaugurated in the summer of 2008 with a show of International note which had as a special guest the famous American actor, Robert Redford.

La Forma del Colore

Exhibition of paintings by Sibylle Szaggars (August 2008).


Exhibition of photographs by Josè Cura (August 2008).

Fermare L’Attimo

Exhibition of photographs by Luigi Ciminaghi (August 2009).

Pier Augusto Breccia

Exhibition of works (July 2010).

Sacrum Facere

by Roberta Coni (June 2011).

Opus Sacrum

Sculpture by Massimo Scarfagna (July 2011).


Sculpture and sketches by Alessio Deli (July 2012).

Alma Mater

Silvio Porzionato, organizer for Triphè Gallery (July 2013).

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